Vision & Mission

Rebuilding lives of those affected by substance abuse.

Strengthening community responses to Drugs / alcohol and substance abuse.


Effectively address the issue of drugs/alcohol substance abuse and HIV by providing a comprehensive package of services to ALL; ensuring that the neediest sections of our society have access to quality prevention, care and support.

Core Values

A sense of service as is embodied in the saying; ‘Service to mankind is  service to God.’ Practicing a right based approach; believing and respecting every individual’s  right not only to life but to a life with dignity.

Need Help For Your Loved Ones?

we care for your life today & tomorrow.

AAgraha Foundation is a registered voluntary non-profit organization presently based in Odisha working primarily on drug and alcohol abuse prevention and treatment as well as on HIV and AIDS issue. AAgraha Foundation has earned an national reputation for its commitment, ethical standards and professional approach toward effective treatment. In a country with few treatment facilities and a lack of guidelines and prescribed standards, AAgraha Foundation has pioneered and benchmarked standards and protocols. The treatment aims at total abstinence achieved through the Twelve Steps program. The 12-Steps treatment model has been approved by WHO (World Health Organization) as the most effective treatment.


Yoga & Meditation


12 Step Program

In & Out Patient Care
Guaranteed Treatment
Family Support