Alcohol De Addiction Treatment

AAgraha Foundation provides all the requisite facilities to the patients who came at our center for the addiction treatment and we are quite successful till date. AAgraha Foundation Rehab & De Addiction Center is fully equipped with facilities like Kitchen, Dining & Living Room, Fully Furnished Rooms, Yoga Teachers, Game Therapy Sessions, Meditation programs & other activities. We adhere the complete and satisfactory rehabilitation treatment program which includes 12 Step Program, Game Therapy, 24 hour care and support, Family meetings, Therapy Sessions and Many More.

Drug Addiction Treatment

At Our Rehab Center we try to connect addicts socially so that he/she can learn normal lifestyle. We also use Prayer, Yoga & Meditation sessions to connect the addict spiritually which help them to keep away from addiction and join drug addiction center in Bhubaneswar. We also use different kinds of therapies like Dance Therapy, Game therapy & other therapies to recover patient from addiction and many peoples join drug addiction treatment in Bhubaneswar.

Our Aim is to make our country completely drug free that’s why we believe in long term recovery and we strongly connected with the patient even after the treatment is over and visit drug addiction treatment in Bhubaneswar.